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Oyster Fest 2018


This year, on September 22nd, to round out our most perfect Fall day, we attended The Edgewater Hotel’s Oyster Fest. To put it plainly, it was all things delicious. From oysters, to shrimp, to bisque and chowder, we had our fill of some of our favorite seafood options.


There were 6 East Coast oysters and 6 West Coast oysters, along with a fixings bar including horseradish, lemon, hot sauce, and a brine with chopped onions. One of the oysters was massive to say the least, and a bit daunting for sure, but damn was it delicious, and it literally was of the size of 4 oysters. Win!



The jumbo shrimp were divine, and the lobster bisque and clam chowder were a nice addition, with the clam chowder being my favorite of the two. Add a handful of oyster crackers on top and you’ve got yourself the perfect side.



We were accompanied by my aunt, who I attended the first ever oyster fest with two years ago, and my sister, who is not a fan of seafood in general (she stuck to beer). There were live bands playing music (including one band with a guy playing the snare drum, who looked like he was trying to portray an upper 30’s Johnny Depp; round glasses, low pulled back dark brown ponytail, and a deep v button up shirt.) and beverage tents serving beer and champagne-based drinks. And to top it all off, since it is at The Edgewater Hotel, we had an amazing view of Lake Mendota. Perfection.


If you are an avid seafood lover like myself, and haven’t made it to this event in the past, I highly recommend you check it out if you are in the Madison area next year. So much good seafood, you’d be silly not to attend.




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BrownBottleBaker A Tasty Collection Of Food Related Thoughts



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