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Oh hey there pretty people! Has anyone told you your feet look great in those shoes today? No? Well they do. And you’re pretty Rad! How’s that for a welcome? Well, I mean every word of it (insert non-creepy wink). In a time where people forget to simply smile, I hope we can do more than that…I’m betting we will laugh a bit along the way too.

This little nook on the internets is completely free of all judgement…while you’re here nothing matters except baking, and drinking, and traveling. We are all family, and together we are going to experience some pretty amazing things. So dust off your mixer, get out your cocktail glasses, and get ready to travel!



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  • Hey there! That shirt you’re wearing looks GREAT on you. Really brings out your eyes. *wink wonk*

    <3 Wanted you to know someone's out here listening to your blogging and enjoying the heckfire out of it.

BrownBottleBaker A Tasty Collection Of Food Related Thoughts



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