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Oyster Fest 2018


This year, on September 22nd, to round out our most perfect Fall day, we attended The Edgewater Hotel’s Oyster Fest. To put it plainly, it was all things delicious. From oysters, to shrimp, to bisque and chowder, we had our fill of some of our favorite seafood options. There were 6 East Coast oysters and 6 West Coast oysters, along with a fixings bar including horseradish, lemon, hot sauce, and a...

OG Fall Inspired Drink


*Sigh* Fall…my most favorite time of the year. I’m talking all things pumpkin, apple, spice, leggings, boot socks, flannel, vests, obnoxious scarves, boots, football, and the most delicious baked goods…made from pumpkins and apples. Every year I insist on creating the perfect fall day, usually near the end of October (I’m an October baby), and though it is always pleasant and very much...

Yum Yum Fest (2018)


Yum Yum Fest (held at Breese Stevens Field); the most delicious day of the year. This happens to be our favorite festival, and for obvious reasons. I mean, just scroll through the food photos and you’ll wish you attended this year if you didn’t. All of the restaurants really showcase their talent, and always bring their definite A-Game. While most of the restaurants are from Madison...

Tacos and Margs


So, we did a thing a couple weeks ago…Margarita and Taco Fest…to be exact. It was definitely worth the bills, and was all around a fabulously fantastic time, but with this being its second year there were definitely some things I would drop into their suggestion box…were they to have one. I’ll take you through the entire evening (July 21st, 4-8pm @ Pasqual’s Cantina...

Tecatè Michelada Diablo Review


This past weekend we decided to give the tallboy of Tecatè Michelada Diablo we had in our kegerator a try. Steven got it from a coworker/friend’s mom (since he always recommends beers for her) and we thought Sunday was just about the best day to do it. We rimmed 2 pilsner glasses with lime juice and Tajin seasoning (a must if you can find it) and put a couple dashes of Worcestershire and Cholula...

Private Goose Island Brewery Tour


For my golden birthday (24) I went down to Chicago with my brother and some friends for a private tour of Goose Island Brewery from my friend Dave who also happens to be a brewer there. I was super psyched and excited for the extended weekend ahead. Once we got down there though, Dave had some on and off health issues flare up, so our weekend took a slightly different turn, and he promised me a...

Neiman Marcus $250 Cookies


I am a lover of chocolate chip cookies, but I’m not going to lie…I’m not one to JUST put chocolate chips in a cookie batter; how boring. So, on my search for a fancier (if you will) chocolate chip cookie recipe I came across this Neiman Marcus $250 Cookie recipe. I’ve definitely seen it before while wandering the internets, but for some reason this time it struck me as something I should actually...

New Beginnings: Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned


Welcome to Wisconsin, where we learn to drink like pros in college, and our state drink is the Wisconsin Brandy Old-Fashioned. We don’t mess around when it comes to mixing up an Old Fashioned, and if you ask me, the only way to do it is to create each one from scratch. The fact that we use Brandy in our old-fashioned sets us apart from the rest of the US, who instead use whiskey. If someone...

New Beginnings: Pistachio Macarons


Hey Friends! After a year away from blogging we’ve decided to revamp our blog and essentially start over. Fresh starts always feel so refreshing (I guess that would make sense…). There’s just something about taking time off and being able to rediscover not only yourself, but your inspiration as well. I’m hoping this space on the internets (yes, I prefer to put an ‘s’ on the end of...

New Beginnings: Grapefruit Margarita


I’m pretty sure margaritas are a suitable cocktail for any time of the year. They make for a fabulous happy hour drink, as well as a brunch, lunch, dinner, or just hanging out drink. I’ve never been known to turn down a margarita…especially a well-crafted one made from scratch, but I must always watch myself, as 2 make me feel good, but 3 make me fall asleep. There is a very fine line, and I’ve...

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